EUR/USD Forex Analysis 15 of February 2013




The EUR/USD currency pair has stayed almost all of the trading session in the proximity of the 1.3316 level mostly because of the loud opening of today’s EU session the cross stayed on a healthy 1.3320 1.3340 basis most of the day.

The single currency pair has jumped on a down hill trend and is currently very low close to the 1.3307 level clearly way ahead of the United States trading session.
Many traders have closely monitored every detail on the G.20 meeting. European Central Bank’s Mr. Asmussen has recently asked for more reforms in the monetary branch nonetheless many consider that he does not agree with the recent interest rates cuts.

Everyone believes that a new EUR/USD figure is just right around the corner this transformation will obviously bring a key-point for all support levels close to the 1.3330 point.



High point= 1.3394


Low point = 1.3306


Trend index = -0.04% Slightly Bullish





Support 1 = 1.3269                                                  Resistance 1 = 1.3410

Support 2 = 1.3235                                                  Resistance 2 = 1.3443

Support 3 = 1.3202                                                  Resistance 3 = 1.3477