EUR/USD Forex Analysis 6 of February 2013




The EUR/USD “fiber” currency pair is now stepping down in the vicinity of the 1.3570 level, the trend went down before the release of the G.F.O. also known as the German F.O. Most traders announce that a slight increase of +1.2% is bound to happen similar to the last month of 2012.

The trading sentiment is very light in consistency thus many risk trends may appear in today’s trading session, this event takes shape because of tomorrow’s European Central Banks meeting.

For the time being the trading momentum is at a -0.11% close to the 1.3567 point with some extra support near the 1.3415 area way ahead of the 1.3377 point and lastly the key-point of 1.3349.

On the other side of the coin a short breach of the 1.3574 zone would clear the way towards the 1.3620 point, right in front of the 1.3660 point and lastly the 1.3664 area.




High point= 1.3597


Low point = 1.3530


Trend index = -0.35% Slightly Bearish






Support 1 = 1.3521                                                  Resistance 1 = 1.3660

Support 2 = 1.3487                                                  Resistance 2 = 1.3695

Support 3 = 1.3453                                                  Resistance 3 = 1.3729